This is your personal Digital Recovery Kit

You can edit this markdown file to write personalized checklists, tips, addresses, or other useful information. During an emergency it is read-only.

In Files, you will see this and other end-to-end-encrypted files that you previously uploaded. You can preview some of them or directly download them.

In Chats, you can send a message to a loved one. You can ask them for help or just inform them that you are okay.

I'm staying at Hotel Blue Flamingo in Weird Street 62a.

I don't have my devices anymore

  • If using a password manager, get the emergency code / 2fa backup from files.
  • If 2FA is kept separate from the password manager, download the 2fa backup anyway.
  • Use these credentials to log in once you have access to a trusted device.
  • Let my contacts know what happened and how can they help me.
  • Check the markdown file where I wrote down the travel info. Check my next hotel name and address.

I had my devices stolen! ☹️

That sucks. Let's limit the damage that the thief can make by following the checklist:

  • Use Find My Device to lock / locate / erase the device(s).
  • If they took the wallet, block the Credit Cards. If I can't do it now, ask my wife via chat.

Emails sent (E2EE with public key)

Alert: someone is accessing your Digital Recovery Kit
Alert: someone is accessing Your son's Digital Recovery Kit
Alert: someone is accessing 'Mr1337's DigitalRecoveryKit

Activity log (E2EE with public key)

Access via emergency login from Bali, Indonesia (IP: at 13:37 local time (UTC+X)
Device: Android, Browser: Chrome 127, id: blue-pacific-dragon
Contact with mom
id: blue-pacific-dragon
Access to passport-copy.png
id: blue-pacific-dragon